After the Forgeries of my signature which forced me into Bankruptcy and then my home was to be sold at public auction I realized I could not remove all of my personal belongs from the premises before the Sheriff Sale of my home. I call the Sheriff, Melvin Buchanan, and explained that I could not get everything moved before the sale. The Sheriff, Melvin Buchanan, then said Jim, I will give you 10 days from the date sale to get your belongings remove. I said that's is fine, I can do that. I thanked him for that.

The next day when the Sheriff Sale was over a man drove onto the property and said I am the new owner of this property and all of your belongings now belong to me. I explained to the man that all he had bought was the home and 4 acres with out buildings. I explained that the Sheriff had given me 10 days to remove my personal things. The man then said, these things belong to me and pulled a gun from his pocket. I was standing beside a phone so I called the Sheriff, Melvin Buchanan, and told him the man, Larry Riley, has a gun pointed at me and it appeared that he was going to shoot me. The Sheriff never responded with any form of help by sending someone to help or protect me. At that point I had no choice but leave all of my belongings and leave the premises before I was kill or injured.

My personal properity was stolen at gun point.

Melvin Buchanan - Sheriff of Posey County Indiana, 2201 Westridge Dr. Mt. Vernon, In. 812-838-8813

I have known Melvin and his family for years, I thought he was a friend!
Larry Riley - The thief that stole my personal property at gun point. 7301 Davis Rd S. Mount Vernon, IN. 47620 (812) 985-3507
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