The Posey County Prosecutor, Trent VanHaaften, said these forgeries are Class C Felony Offenses.
These Forgeries were committed by the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, Monsanto Chemical Co. and their employees. One was Forged by Dee Marshall-secretary and the other was forged by Carl Redman. Both are, or were employees of Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op. Jeff Jarrett an employee of Monsanto signed as a witness, which means that he is swearing that he witness me signing my own signature.
The signatures were authorized by Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op and itís Board Of Directors, and Monsanto Chemical Co. of St. Louis, Mo.
Dee Marshall said, at deposition, that Carl Redman, Jeff Jarrett, Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, Monsanto Chemical Co. has forged signatures numerous of farmers.
Jim Swinney, Carl Redman, Dee Marshall, Jeff Jerratt, Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, the Coops Board of Directors and Monsanto Chemical Co. are FELONS
This bunch of "Dumn Asses" didn't forge my name correctly - Winiger

I had a hand writing professional from the Evansville, Indiana Police Department look at exhibits 38 & 39. He concluded that the two forged signatures are probably from two individuals (two counts) but neither of the signatures were mine.

No. 1 Compare the J in both signatures--exhibit 38, The J starts at the line and travels to the left and upward, the J in exhibit 39 starts at he line and travels down and below the line.

No. 2 Compare the W, exhibit 38 there is no hook at the starting point and at the bottom the W is neatly and uniformly divided at the middle. Exhibit 39 starts with a hook and at the bottom is not divided uniformly and is very poorly done.

No. 3 Compare the N, exhibit 38, The N comes from the i above the line and is divided in the middle at the top. Exhibit 39, The N comes from the i at the line and is divided in the middle starting in the middle at the bottom of the N at the line.

No. 4 Compare the E, exhibit 38, The E in Winiger is closed to the point that it almost looks like an i , Exhibit 39 is so poorly done it looks like and a or o .

No. 5 Compare the R, exhibit 38 the R comes to a point at the top and exhibit 39 the R is round at the top and drops away.

No. 6 Lastly the signatures themselves. Both were signed at the same time and supposedly by the same person. If this were the case why would that one person sign one document with James and the other with Jim

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