Winiger White Corn Company - Sebree Ky. Processing Plant
Lost due to the Class C. Felony Forgeies by Posey County Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op
In the 1990ís Winiger White Corn Company was registered with the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington DC as a F OOD GRADE WHITE CORN EXPORTER. The only US Company registered as a FOOD GRADE COMPANY.
Winiger White Corn Company sold FOOD GRADE CORN in Canada and through out the eastern United States from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida.
In 1996, Winiger White Corn Company had 3 Government Officials from the Country of Zimbabwe in southern Africa here in my office in Sebree Ky. wanting to purchase 1,000,000 bushels of Food Grade White Corn and wanting me to ship to their country. I could not because of the Class C. Felony Forgeries, by Posey County Farm Bureau and Manager, James E. Swinney, destroying by Business Operating Loan with National City Bank.

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