"Betha Dee Marshall"
1726 Hereford Dr. Mount Vernon, In 47620
Phone 812-838-2534 - 812-589-8922 - 812-589-2203
"Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery" of my signature . . . . Jim Winiger >>> Click Here to see some of the Forgeries
Class C Felony Forgery - punishable by imprisonment for more than one year

This person is an employee of the Posey County "Farm Bureau" Cooperative Association - Mount Vernon, In. 47620 - Dee Marshall has forged numerous signature's of farmers over the years of her employment at the Posey County "Farm Bureau" Coop. Within this program you can read her deposition, in which, she admits her repeated forgeries of numerous farmers signatures!

The "D" Stands For "Dishonest - Dum Ass" !!!!

"Dum Ass" - A person regarded as stupid.
Dee Marshall is "Guilty Of Forgery" Click here to read the whole story
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