"James E. Swinney"
2319 W Ridge Dr. Mount Vernon, In 47620 - Phone 812-838-1457
- now living in Prescott, Arizona - Ph. 928-449-4493 - 928-449-4542 - 480-334-1511
"Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery"
of my signature . . . . Jim Winiger
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"Dishonest" "Unethical" "Immoral"
When You Die, You Will Meet "GOD"

"Former General Manager" Of The Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op, Mount Vernon, In 47620 - 812-838-4468

and the "Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op" and it's "Board Of Directors" are "All" "Guilty"!
This brings Ethical Questions into everyone's mind about how this company is being managed by Jim Swinney and it's Board Of Directors, who are local farmers. Dee Marshall, secretary for the Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op, said in her sworn testimony, that the General Manager and the Board Of Directors, tells the company what to do and not do. It appears that Forger of signatures, of it's customers, is one of them!
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All information in this website is Accurate and Correct, It contains the history of events and each persons Deposition and all information gathered through the 9 year difficult and painful experience. Monsanto and/or Farm Bureau contacted a United States Attorney General in Houston, Texas and tried to get the Attorney General to make me take this website down from the Internet. The Attorney General spent 12 to 14 hours reading through this program to find Inaccuracies and False Statements in order to have a reason to "Order" me remove this program. He could not find Just Cause and/or Reasons, to remove this program from the Internet. In other words everything on this program is Factual.