Carl J - Carl Jordan Redman - 544 Upper Upton Rd. Mount Vernon, IN 47620 - Phone 812-838-4632
Carl J - Carl Jordan Redman - the Chemical Manager, Application Manager, of Posey County Farm Bureau Coop Association, Inc. - Mount Vernon Indiana, who is one of the people involved in forging my signature - Jim Winiger

White and yellow corn in 1993 was selling for app. $2.50 to $3.00 per bushel.

The Blue Food Grade Corn shown below and listed in this web program, I had contracted to a Food Processor in Toronto, Canada for $15.00 per bushel.

Carl J. Redman

the J stands for "Jerk"

Scum of the Earth

A policy of "honesty", "quality products" and "services", and fair pricing are adhered to.

Why then is Posey County Co-op in the practice of Forgery involving farmers signatures to settlement forms for damage???

The company has grown to having assets of 18 million and sales exceeding 50 million. A lot of the assets were acquired with the use of Forgery, involving farmers signatures to settlement forms that involve Chemical Shortages, Frozen Chemicals and Incompetence.
Posey County LLC is a farmer-owned supply cooperative with facilities in Posey and adjoining counties in southwest Indiana and southern Illinois.

If you do business with these companies or these individuals. Everyone should remember

"If You Lie Down With Pigs, You Will Get Up Smelling Like Them"

Dee Marshall, Jim Swinney and Carl Redman. All are FELONS, All live in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. All are part of Farm Bureau. Jeff Jarrett, also a FELON, of Monsanto Chemical, St. Louis, Mo. (not pictured) lives at Washington, Indiana.

Dee Marshall Jim Swinney Carl Redman Jeff  Jarrett
812-838-2534 812-838-1457 812-838-4632 812-254-9270

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