Dee - Betha Dee Marshall - 1726 Herford Dr. Mount Vernon, In - Phone 812-838-2534
Dee - Betha Dee Marshall - the secretary of Posey County Farm Bureau Coop Association, Inc. - Mount Vernon Indiana, who is one of the people involved in forging my signature - Jim Winiger

White and yellow corn in 1993 was selling for app. $2.50 to $3.00 per bushel.

The Blue Food Grade Corn shown below and listed in this web program, I had contracted to a Food Processor in Toronto, Canada for $15.00 per bushel.

This was and is a lie by the General Manager of Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, James E Swinney. I never signed and are agreed to this aggrement, why should I, Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op owe's me money for the destruction of my crops. In this note it also says that I received a CC: [a corbin copy] which I did not. Swinney is not that stupid to send me a copy of a false statement.

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