July-3-2000 My Apologies
Farm Bureau and Monsanto Chemical Co. Are Guilty Of Forgery!

Farm Bureau, "The Voice Of Agriculture"

As you read this article and upon your completion of the entire article, you like me, are going to believe, as I do, that Monsanto and Farm Bureau are guilty of collusion and you are going to be wondering, as I do, "How Much Money Changed Hands" in order for Farm Bureau and Monsanto too go through the American Legal System guilty of Fraud & Forgery and walk away free and clear.

If you do business with these companies or these individuals. Everyone should remember

"If You Lie Down With Pigs, You Will Get Up Smelling Like Them"

Jim Swinney, Carl Redman and Dee Marshall. All are FELONS, All live in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. All are part of Farm Bureau. Jeff Jarrett, also a FELON, of Monsanto Chemical, St. Louis, Mo. (not pictured) lives at Washington, Indiana.

Dee Marshall Jim Swinney Carl J Redman Jeff  Jarrett
1726 Hereford Dr. Mount Vernon, IN 47620 2319 W Ridge Dr. Mount Vernon, IN 47620 544 Upper Upton Rd. Mount Vernon, IN 47620 RR 3 Box 202 Washington, IN 47501
812-838-2534 812-838-1457 812-838-4632 812-254-9270

No. 1 Farm Bureau purchased chemicals from Monsanto Chemical Company which originated in Iowa. According to the shipping receipt it was loaded on a truck in January, the coldest time of the year.  The shipping receipt clearly stated "Do not allow to freeze". After the product was loaded on to the truck, according to the shipping receipt, the product sat on that truck, in Iowa, for two days in freezing weather before delivery.

No. 2  This frozen product when applied to my fields did not work.

No.3 In addition Farm Bureau shorted the application rate to my fields by as much as 1/3.

No.4  Immediately  upon  discovery that the product was not working I drove to Farm Bureau and personally reported this to Carl Redman, the chemicals manager. He told me he would go look at the problem. A-Through the deposition process he stated that he never went to check the damage fields!

No. 5 After 8 weeks of trying to get Farm Bureau to take corrective action to save my crops with no action taken, I refused to pay the remainder of my chemical and fertilizer bill at Farm Bureau. I also call the manager for the land I tend, Carl Litten of Halderman Farm Management, and told him of the problem and advised him not to pay his portion of  the bill at Farm Bureau until a settlement could be reached.

No. 6 In order to cover his ass and his job from incompetence and negligence, Carl Redman, his secretary Dee Marshall and Jeff Jarrett, a sales rep., of Monsanto forged my signature to two claims releases forms. This is FELONY-FORGERY.

No  7 Jim Swinney, general manager of Farm Bureau, in and attempt to get Carl Litter of Halderman Farm Management and my farm manager, to pay his bill, sent Carl a letter saying that Mr. Winiger had reached an agreement for settlement of the damages. Carl Litten in turn, because he did not think Farm Bureau would be lying or guilty of forging my signature, paid his remaining portion of that bill.  The agreement Jim Swinney speaks of is the two FORGED claims release forms. This letter is FELONY-EXTORTION.

No. 8  Jim Swinney in order to cover Farm Bureau's ass, gave to the insurance adjuster Ron Janes of Janes Adjusting-Olney, Illinois, the two forged releases and in addition, Jim Swinney, forged my signature to a promisssory note for $53,000.00 which also was given to the insurance adjuster.. This is the third Forgery of my signature by Farm Bureau and this is also a FELONY.

No.9 In this case Farm Bureau and Monsanto are guilty of 3 Forgeries and a letter of EXTORTION.

No.10 I have uncovered numerous other forgeries in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa but the farmers involved have not got the backbone to stand up for themselves!

Prosecutor's Letter Two Forgeries Third Forgery Letter of Extortion Fourth Forgery
Bean Photo-1 Photo-2 Corn Photo-1 Photo-2 Monsanto & Custom Applicator's Liability Chemical Shortages
  Photo-3 A policy of "honesty", "quality products" and "services", and fair pricing are adhered too. I Respect and Salute You All !!

No.11 On June 30th. 1993 Farm Bureau and Monsanto forged the signatures of 5 other Posey County Farmers _________________, _____________________, ______________________, __________________, ___________________. Upon my discovering of these additional forgeries through the process of discovery and deposition I approached these individuals with the forged document containing their signature. They would not defend themselves against these forgeries. They would not join me or help me obtain justice and our financial loss from Farm Bureau and Monsanto because of these forgeries. Instead they choose to talk about me behind my back!

I have had an attorney for one group, who is also involved in court action (Forgeries) with Monsanto and Farm Bureau in another state, to ask me if I had been threatened. I said, What do your mean? He said has anybody threatened you? I said no. He said, "the Attorney" Be careful. In our case I have no confirmed incidents but I have heard rumors of it. I have never considered this aspect before but now I have cause for concern. 06/18/99
I became Hunted Man.
After the Forgeries of my signature which forced me into Bankruptcy and My personal properity being stolen at gun point. I became a "HUNTED MAN".
I was living in an apartment in Evansville, Indiana. One day the phone rang and when I answered, a ladieís voice asked, "are you Jim", I responded "Yes". She said, "Has anybody threatened you" I said No, she said "Watch Your Back" then hung up the phone. She never introduced herself, I have no clue who she was, I didnít recognize her voice.
I didnot know what she meant so I dismissed it.

In this apartment complex my apartment was in a position that I could see the drive way from my up stares window. One day, I heard a Harley Motorcycle enter the propriety. The hood on the motorcycle was just putting along from one apartment to another reading the address on each door. When he got to my apartment he paused, read my address then starred at me in the window upstairs, then sped off. At that moment I remembered the ladies phone call from the week before and the qustion that was asked of me 99, "Has anybody threatened you?" I though to myself. "Oh my God". I know now what the lady meant when she called me! And what the attorney from another state was talking about.

Within a day, I packed my belongings and moved out of state thinking, they, who every they are, would not find me. I remained in hiding for about 8 months before returning to Evansville. My plan is not to remain in one place very long. Every few months move. The only thing that I could figure out was someone or company in these series of articles did not like reading or having the public reading the truth about themselves.
If someday, I end up "dead" Someone or a company in these series of articles is responsible
. . . Jim Winiger

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