I was directed to the Office of the Indiana Attorney General by local attorney's for help in this matter. I got the run around.

I asked the Indiana Attorney General, Jeffrey A. Modisett, to look into violations of my Civil Rights ! Instead I received a letter of run around. I was given two groups to contact the Civil Rights Commission and the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. I called the Civil Right Commission and I was told, This office only takes care of discrimination, race, sex, handicapped, this type of thing. I do not know why they keep giving our phone number to people other than discrimination cases. I then call the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. I was told that this office only tracks bill's through the House and Senate. The person I talked to said we get a lot of calls from people that were given our name and phone number by the Attorney General's Office. "You just got the run around" I than talked to Posey County Sheriff, He said, Jim this is his job, to look into cases like yours where your civil rights have been violated.

I must remember, I was told, "Who every has the most money, Gets what they want"

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