Violations of My Civil Rights and Grave Injustices of the Law

Last Up 06/18/99

This editorial is presented chronologically

This is a letter sent to the CC list below asking for help.

I will print their response.

My name is Jim Winiger. I live in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. This is a small town of about 7,500 people. I am a victim of violations of my civil rights and, I believe, grave injustices of the law! Please let me explain from the beginning!

What possibly started out to be a simple accident with frozen chemical's, willful neglect and no action to correct the problem turned into a night mare of Fraud, Forgery, Extortion, Perjury and Mail Fraud by Farm Bureau, Monsanto Chemical Co. and Janes Adjusting.

No. 1 In the spring 1993, I contacted Farm Bureau CO-op to purchase from and to apply chemicals and fertilizer to my fields for corn and soybean production. I told Farm Bureau exactly which chemicals to use.

No. 2 May of 93 Farm Bureau chose a different chemical to apply to my crops and of the chemicals they chose cut the rate of application of these chemicals. Through these shortages (rate cut) of chemicals Farm Bureau did not control the weeds in my fields. Also through the process of discovery I learned that the chemicals that were used came from Iowa. It is clearly marked on the Bill of Lading, Do not allow to freeze and call ahead to schedule a time to unload. According to the loading and unloading dates on the ticket, this product sat on a truck during the winter for two days before delivery.

No. 3 May of 93 Farm Bureau's indifference, willful neglect and no action to correct the problem within the grace period available after repeated attempts by me to have Farm Bureau correct the problem. I then refused to pay the remainder of the bill from Farm Bureau for the products applied totaling $58,000.00. I had already paid more than $5,000.00 on this account.

No. 4 To cover up their indifference, willful neglect and no action on June 30th 93 Carl Redman, Manager of the Farm Bureau Chemical Department, Jeff Jarrett, Monsanto Chemical Co. Sales Rep., and Dee Marshall, secretary for Farm Bureau, forged my signature to two release of claims forms.

No. 5 July 26th Jim Swinney (General Manager of the Farm Bureau Co-op) sent a note to Carl Litten, my farm manager, saying Farm Bureau will credit his account $420.50. Jim Swinney said in the note "I hope this is acceptable and per agreement with Monsanto and Mr. Winiger". This statement is a lie. There was no agreement, I had in fact not talked to Monsanto and did not meet with Monsanto Sales Rep. until Aug. 18th , 93. The agreement Mr. Swinney speaks of is one of the forged release forms dated June 30th, 93. Carl Litten then wrote a check to Farm Bureau for more than $3,500.00. I believe in this action by Mr. Swinney he is guilty of Extortion!

No. 6 During July and August of 93 I had three meetings with Farm Bureau, Monsanto Chemical Co. and Farm Bureau's Insurance Company to try to resolve the damages caused by Farm Bureau to my crops. At these meetings it was resolved, by the Insurance Adjuster, Ron Janes, that a comparison (good from the bad) was the way my claim for damages would be settled. After comparisons if there were differences in the yields of the clean fields from the weedy fields, Farm Bureau or the Insurance Co., would pay the difference.

After experiencing the problems with Farm Bureau in May and June I decided to tape these meetings so I carried a recorder in my pocket at each meeting.

No. 7 Sept. 22nd. 93 Ron Janes, Insurance Adjuster, makes his first report to Farmland Insurance Co. of Bloomington, Ill.

No. 8 Oct. 93 Because of the agreement to make comparisons at harvest time I called Farm Bureau to ask if they had any special way or wanted to participate in making these comparison tests. I received no response.

No. 9 Nov. 93 I sent to Ron Janes, insurance adjuster, the results of the yield comparison. The result was damage of $250,000.00

No. 10 Dec. 1st 93 Ron Janes sent his second report to Farmland Insurance.

In his report, Ron Janes said "On December 1st , 1993 I talked with Mr. Winiger by phone. He is very anxious to settle. He indicated to me that his banker is concerned about this amount of money being out and it hurts his cash flow."

Ron Janes past this information on to Mr. Swinney of Farm Bureau.

I believe Ron Janes to be guilty of Insurance Fraud, Of a Financial Institution, using the US Postal Service by sending the forged Release of Claims Forms to Bloomington, Ill by regular mail. (misinformation to avoid paying damage claims—Kind a Fraud in Reverse-instead of paying out money by fraud in this case Not paying out money by fraud.)

No. 11 Dec. 6th 93 Mr. Swinney sent me a letter demanding payment in full on the open account I had with Farm Bureau for fertilizer and chemicals (approximately $58,000.00) which I had refused to pay until a settlement was reached for the damages caused by Farm Bureau. I had already paid over $5,000.00 on the account. The note stated " I am doubtful that the claim will be settled quickly or for that matter at all". At this point I knew Mr. Swinney was not going to follow the agreement made earlier with the Insurance Adjuster.

No. 12 -Dec. 8th 93 Armed with the information furnished by Ron Janes of Dec.1st about my bank, Mr. Swinney called my banker and interrupted my operating loan with National City Bank. That same day I was called to Chris Melton's office (Senior Vice President of National City Bank) Chris told me that he had received a phone call from Jim Swinney manager of the Farm Bureau Co-op in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Chris was told that I owed the co-op $58,000.00 for fertilizer and chemicals and the co-op was going to court to collect. I explained to Chris that the co-op caused me a loss of $250,000.00 for my 93 crop and that I had refused to pay the remainder until they made a settlement with me for my crop losses. Chris said, Jim your loan is coming up for renewal at the end of this month and if you have a judgment against you by Farm Bureau the Bank would take a very dim view of your loan. At this point I felt I had no choice but to pay Farm Bureau in order that my business operating loan would be renewed.

No. 13 Mid-Dec, 93 Jim Swinney, General Manager, Forged my signature to a Promissory Note for $53,732.30 This is the third forgery using my name! When this forgery was discovered through the process of Discovery, I instructed my attorney Mr. Daly to subpoena this document. He said OK but stalled and never obtained it. The FBI said I have a right to it. I also informed the Indiana State Police and the FBI of this third forgery before the statute of limitations expired.

No. 14 Dec. 31st , 93 My Operating Loan at National City Bank was canceled completely and I was given 6 months to pay in full. This was unbelievable because I was just completing a year of $2,207,490.72 worth of sales with $204,529.48 of net. With this attack on my business operating loan at National City Bank, Mr. Swinney and Farm Bureau damaged and destroyed my business beyond repair. Damaged and destroyed my name in the business world and has destroyed my personal financial existence as well.

No. 15 Jan. 3rd . 94 Ron Janes sent his third report to Farmland Insurance Co. of Bloomington, Ill. "Please note the enclosed letters to Mr. Winiger and to Mr. Melton, Mr. Winiger's banker, and a promissory note sign by Mr. Winiger in the amount of $53,732.30." This is the third forgery by Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op using my signature ! This is also the third forgery sent to the Insurance Co. by Farm Bureau and the Insurance Adjuster to deny my claim for damages. Again I believe Ron Jane guilty of Insurance Fraud using the US Postal Service to send a Forged Document.

No. 16 Feb. 3rd ' 94 Ron Janes sent his fourth report to Farmland Insurance Co.

No. 17 March 94 Approximately, 10 to 15 days after my last payment for chemicals, I received a letter from Ron Janes, Insurance Adjuster for Farm Land, saying that my claim for damages have been denied. These claims were signed by Ron Janes. Ron Janes testified at his deposition that he did not know that my claims had been denied. Perjury

No. 18 April 4th . 94 Ron Janes sent his fifth report to Farmland Insurance Co.

No. 19 May 5th . 94 Ron Janes sent his sixth & final report to Farmland Insurance Co.

No. 20 One must assume that the insurance company used the three forged settlement documents provided by Farm Bureau and Ron Janes, Insurance Adjuster, to deny my claim for damages, saying that I had already agreed to a financial settlement.

No. 21 Spring of 94 I was introduced to Larry Daly of Wright, Evans and Daly to represent me in a civil suit against Farm Bureau. Mr. Daly assumed the case on a 30% contingency.

No. 22 The case of James Winiger, Plaintiff vs. Posey County Farm Bureau CO-op. Asso.. Inc. Defendant CAUSE NO.65C01-9504-CP-00091 was filed in Posey Circuit Court in May of 1995 just one week before the statute expired.

No. 23 It had taken from spring of 1995 until November of 1997, 2 years, in order to start the first Deposition! Every time a date was set for a deposition either Farm Bureau or their counsel would not appear or would have some reason to postpone.

No. 24 Through discovery just prior to the first deposition in November of 97, of Farm Bureau personnel, we found the two forged Release of Claims Forms that Farm Bureau and Monsanto had signed my name to on June 30th 1993. When these forgeries came to light I asked my attorney Larry Daly what should I do about them. His comment was, Jim you haven't lost anything so don't do anything about them. I said Larry I lost $250,000.00 in 93 because of these forgeries what do you mean I did not lose anything.

No. 25 Nov. 12th 1997 The first deposition of Farm Bureau Personnel was taken. (Carl Redman, Chemicals Manager for the co-op) During this deposition we asked questions about the forgeries and from that day on until after June 30th 98 we could not get Farm Bureau to attend for another deposition. Again we were being stalled by Farm Bureau or their counsel to get beyond the 5 year statute of limitations for forgery.

No. 26 May 7th 1998 one week after the statute for forgery expired, we were finally able to take the deposition of Dee Marshall, secretary for Farm Bureau. Dee Marshall testified that she, Carl Redman and Jeff Jarrett had forged not only my signature but other farmers signatures as well. (From Dee's answer it is apparent that Farm Bureau and Monsanto were involved with forgeries long before 1993 and also well after 1993. See Dee Marshall's Deposition. Page 18@ line 6-11) Dee Marshall said, "They wanted me to sign this so they could say that they had sprayed certain items on this field"

Dee Marshall was asked by counsel for Farm Bureau if she signed Mr. Winiger's signature in order to help out Jim Winiger-----Her answer was NO. She lied under oath.

No. 27 May 7th 1998 deposition of Jim Swinney, General Manager for Farm Bureau.

No. 28 June 8th. 98 the trial was set to start on this day no matter that the counsel for Plaintiff had not been able to complete all depositions and discovery. Judge Redwine in this case was going to have a trial regardless. The only thing that stopped it was on the morning of June 8th the wife of counsel for Farm Bureau was taken to the hospital. The Judge Redwine postponed the trial.

No. 29 July 20th. 98 The Plaintiff and the Defendant are required to attend a Meditation Conference in which Judge William H. Miller of the Vanderburgh County Bar Association presides over the events. The conference lasted 5 hours to no avail. During the conference Judge Miller strongly suggested to the Plaintiff and his Attonery that the court proceedings should be moved from Posey County. The Judge said that Farm Bureau has been in Mt. Vernon, since about 1943 and for about 20 years was virtually the only employer in town and also that everybody in the town of about 7500 people knows of or about Farm Bureau. He said you can not win this case in Mt. Vernon. Judge Miller also suggested that the Plaintiff check into the possibility of Fraud by the co-op in this case. After that I again brought up the forgeries to my counsel and he said to me, GOD DAMN IT JIM, I TOLD YOU THAT YOU HAVE NOT LOST ANYTHING AND I AM NOT GOING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT AGAIN. Not knowing the law I had to trust what Mr. Daly was telling me but some how I was not buying that answer. My Attorney, Larry Daly would not move the Trial out of Posey County.

No. 30 August 19th 1998 deposition of Jeff Jarrett, Monsanto Sale Rep. (I believe Jeff Jarrett to be guilty of Perjury. He said that he did not sign my signature-Dee Marshall testified that he did.) During Jeff's deposition he was asked about the forgeries and where they would be held. Jeff Jarrett said all forgeries are in the Monsanto Office in St. Louis, Mo. My counsel asked counsel for Monsanto to supply a copy of all forgeries in the St. Louis Office. Monsanto supplied only a partial list, two of which were mine. Keeping in mind that Dee Marshall testified that their are a lot of forgeries more than just six. My counsel, Larry Daly would not pursue the complete list.

No. 31 August 19th 1998 deposition of Ron Janes, Insurance Rep. I believe Ron Janes to be guilty of Perjury. Perjury-he testified that he did not know my claims for damages had been denied. Ron Janes signed both denial forms-Perjury.

No. 32 Their are two news papers in Posey County. In the Fall of 98 I went to the offices of the Mt. Vernon Democrat and the Posey County News, showed them the documents that had my forged signature on them and the information about other forgeries in the Farm Bureau Office, the extortion letter and offered them all the information I had on this issue. Both NEWS papers would not and did not publish anything about this matter.

I was able to find out later that the editor of the Mt. Vernon Democrat is a member of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce of which, Jim Swinney, is the president. As for the Posey County News, when I presented the information to them they where very much interested. But the Posey County News never printed a word about this ! I wonder why ?

No. 33 About Oct 10th. 1998 I was still very troubled about the forgeries with my signature on them. I called the Posey County Prosecuting Attorney and left a message with his office staff that my signature was forged. He responded the next day and left a message on my answering machine saying that if forgery was involved that I would have to make a complaint to a police agency. He suggested the State Police first and second the Sheriff. Seeing that the prosecutor suggested the State Police first I decided to contact them. I called the Indiana State Police post at Evansville and talked to Alan Sherretz. Mr. Sherretz came to my home and recorded my interview. I explained to him what had happened from the beginning, as best I could, and showed him the forgeries with my signature and I think I told him about the forged Promissory Note for $53,732.30, I also told him about the numerous other forgeries that Dee Marshall testified to in her deposition. I also reported to him that I believed Jeff Jarrett and Ron Janes had perjured themselves during their deposition. Mr. Sherretz said that he would make an investigation and turn his information over to the Posey County Prosecutor. The next day Mr. Sherretz contacted the prosecutor. Mr. Sherretz called me after that meeting and said the prosecutor told him not to conduct an investigation sighting that there was nothing to investigate.

On Oct 15th 98, I received a letter from the Posey County Prosecutor Trent VanHaaften, saying that the two forgeries were a Class C Felony Offense. Also the statute of limitation prohibits any criminal charges from being filed. This I had expected on the Release of Claims Forms but no action was also taken on the forged Promissory Note that bears my signature and no action was taken on the numerous forgeries that was told to us by Dee Marshall in her deposition and no action was taken about the perjury charges of Jeff Jarrett and Ron Janes. This made me very MAD that my civil rights could be violated and no action would be taken. After several days had passed I cooled down and thought to myself, well maybe I did not do something right or maybe forgot to tell Mr. Sherretz something. I had cooled down but was very leery so I decided to tell my story to the FBI. I knew that the statute of limitations on the forged Promissory Note would expire in December so I contacted Marty Williams at the Evansville Office the week before. He could not meet with me that day so I told him about the statute of limitations could run out shortly and even though he could not interview me that day, would this eliminate the limitation problem. He said it would even though he could not meet with me until two days later. When we met I explained to him that Farm Bureau and Monsanto had forged my signature to three papers and that Dee Marshall had told us about more forgeries that they had committed. I also told him about the perjuries of Jeff Jarrett and Ron Janes at their deposition and about the Insurance Fraud by Ron Janes using the US Postal Service. He told me that he would investigate and turn his findings over to the county prosecutor. I never heard from him for about two weeks and then he told me the same thing that the State Police said, He would not conduct an investigation sighting that there was nothing to investigate. This was the same answer as from the State Police so I must assume this answer also came from the same source, the County Prosecutor. Now I said this is ridiculous and I got in my car and drove to the prosecutors office. We sat and talked, I showed him the forgeries and talked about the numerous forgeries Dee Marshall talked about in her deposition. We also talked about the perjury of Jeff Jarrett and Ron Janes and about the Insurance Fraud by Ron Janes using the US Postal Service. He said Jim there is nothing to investigate and the meeting was over.

I feel that the prosecutor is protecting Farm Bureau. If the Posey County Prosecutor's signature were forged, that person and that company's, General Manager, would never be released from jail ! If is different when my signature is forged. I am just a citizen, a tax payer my rights do not mean anything. I have been told this man's salary for being the Posey County Prosecutor is $95,000.00 per year! This is a lot of money for a prosecutor that is not doing his job properly, only selectively.


When this case started I asked my counsel because of the small town and because of the rumors that can be heard about Farm Bureau contributing to the judge's reelection campaigns to research this point. He would not! In this case their are nine sections or losses. (see attached) No's 1 through 3 are actual crop losses caused by Farm Bureau's failure to perform their task. No's 4 through 8 are actual losses to my business caused when Farm Bureau attacked me through my banker and destroyed my business operating loan. No.9 sequential damage, loss of income from 1993 until my retirement, the judge put 4 through 8 in the same class as No. 9 and called them all sequential damages. Then ruled I could not pursue Farm Bureau for sequential damages. The judge's action and demeanor from the beginning appeared to be protecting Farm Bureau and I became truly convinced of this when he ordered that during trial, I could not present the forged documents to the jury. In order to teach me a lesson and for me to learn to keep my mouth shut the judge and my former counsel Larry Daly, worked together against me in one case. My former counsel decided not to represent me in one of the collection cases against me. I spent two weeks trying to find counsel on short notice for a court appearance. I tried 6 attorneys and not one would make a court appearance with me. When I could not obtain counsel I had to appear alone. It turned out that all I was there for was to answer questions and when I tried to ask some questions or defend myself, I got my hands slapped repeatedly. At the conclusion the judge said to me "Well you wanted to come here to represent yourself" I said, I did not! And with that the judge showing contempt said, "O Forget It" He then got up and left the court room. This incident tells me that my former counsel, Mr. Daly, told his friend the judge that I needed to be taught a lesson. This confirms to me that the judge and Mr. Daly were indeed working together as I had suspected for a long time.

If the Judge's forged signature were on these documents, as mine are, You could bet some body would go to Jail ! Again I am just a tax payer, I have no rights.

I believe there is a conspiracy in Posey County to protect Farm Bureau starting at the highest level, the Circuit Court Judge James Rewine, the County Prosecutor Trent VanHaaften and my former counsel, Mr. Daly, working with his friend the judge.

While trying to replace my former counsel some of the attorneys I interviewed suggested that I check to see if the judge has received any contributions for his reelection from Farm Bureau or anyone that has a connection to Farm Bureau no matter how remote. One said, "Life sucks but who ever has the most money gets what he wants" In most interviews, When I mentioned Posey Circuit Court everybody would say "O NO". When I mentioned Farm Bureau everybody said they did not want this case.

I believe that my case has been treated unfairly from the beginning. This case should have been concluded within 18 to 24 months here it is 72 months, 6 years, and still not resolved. I believe what I have described in this article is proof enough that something is amiss. If this case has to go to a civil trial than I believe this case should be moved to a new jurisdiction under a new judge and start anew. I should be allowed to present to a non bias judge and jury my case and let the jury decide. I believe in the American Court System but is it being managed fairly and honestly.

I want to know how I can be stripped of all my possessions (home, businesses, everything) when the cause is from fraud, forgeries, perjury and extortion by Farm Bureau, Monsanto Chemical Co. and mail fraud by the Insurance Adjuster Ron Jane from Onley, Ill.

If this case has to go to a civil trial, I am asking you to help me get to the bottom of a very nasty situation and to help get the venue changed so I can present my case to a non bias judge and jury on a level playing field. Let the jury decide.

April 15th, 99 It was confirmed to me by a Posey County Sheriff's Deputy, through personal conversation with Mr. Sherretz of the Indiana State Police and Marty Williams of the FBI that both had taken the information, provided by me, to the Posey County Prosecutor, Trent Van Haaften, and in each case the prosecutor told them their was nothing to prosecute. Why is the prosecutor on one hand saying my complaint of Forgery is a Class C Felony Offense for the forgeries that the statute of limitation has expired and on the other hand is over looking the obvious evidence of many more Forgeries and Extortion that were committed by Farm Bureau and/or Monsanto on which the statute of limitations has not expired and is also over looking Perjury and Insurance Fraud.

"To Protect Who"

If the Posey County prosecutor's signature were forged, that person and that company's General Manager, would never be released from prison ! It is different when my signature is the one that has been forged ! I am Just a Citizen, a Tax Payer my rights do not mean anything.

Sir: I consider this matter extremely important giving the fact that I have lost almost everything I own in the past 6 years due to Class C Felonies by Monsanto and Farm Bureau. The next and the last thing is my home to be sold on a Sheriff sale June 3rd 1999 at 10:00 AM


Farm Credit Services

In the spring of 1998, I approached Farm Credit Services at Lafayette, Ind. (my loan was moved from Evansville, Ind. (because they called it a troubled loan) and explained that I could not pay my payment in full because of my financial condition caused by Farm Bureau and Monsanto when they forged my signature. Before anything was resolved my loan was moved again to an undisclosed location. I spent about two weeks on the phone trying to locate my loan. I finally tracked it to a Farm Credit Office in Muncie, Ind. on a Friday afternoon about 3:45 PM. I then called that office and talked to the loan officer Mick Casey. I explained to him what I had explained to the loan office at Lafayette. I also faxed him copies of the forgeries and a complete explanation of what Farm Bureau and Monsanto had done to me and my business. I explained to him that I could not pay my payment in full but I could pay $500.00 then and $200.00 per month until the Farm Bureau and Monsanto issue was settled. The loan office said OK that will be workable, I will call you back on Monday and we can finish the paper work on this issue. I said OK we will talk Monday. Well on Monday the call never came! So on Tuesday I called his office and the secretary answered the phone, I introduced myself and asked for Mick Casey. She said, Oh, He was fired last Friday about 30 minutes after talking to you. Why was this man fired for doing his job and trying to work out a solution to a probelm? Collusion in this case is running for greater then just between Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op and Monsanto. It appears to be on every level with companies that deal with Farm Bureau and Monsanto. Again, my loan was moved and this time I spent another several weeks trying to find it. On June 17th 98, I received a letter from Michael D. Cox from Farm Credit Services, Columbus, Indiana, I called Mr. Cox and explained that Farm Bureau and Monsanto had forged my signature several times and that in turn had destroyed my businesses. And that I was in the process of legation to recover what they had stolen from me. Everything after that had settled down for several months. Then I received word that my loan was again being moved to another Farm Credit Service office. It finally settled in Vincennes, Ind. in November of 1998. I called that office and talked to Bruce Rhinehart. I explained to him what I had explained to the 3 other loan officers. He seemed to listen and understand what I was saying. I also faxed to him copies of forgeries by Farm Bureau and Monsanto and a copy of the letter from the Posey County Prosecutor saying that the forgeries were Class C. Felonies. I also made my proposal to him to pay $500.00 then and $200.00 per month until after the trial with Farm Bureau and Monsanto. About two or three days later ( Nov. 18th ) I received a letter from my attorney Larry Daly which included a letter from Bruce Smith, attorney for Farm Credit Services, Vincennes, saying "It is my understanding that Jim Winiger has contacted representatives of Farm Credit Services in recent days, to try to discuss a proposed resolution of the pending litigation". It is Bruce Rhinehart, who requests that discussions or negotiations be handled through attorneys. ( Which means Bruce Rhinehart does not want to talk to you do not call him) I said to myself, Well ain't this a fine How Do You Do ! How can anybody work out a problem if you can not talk with these people.

November 25th 98 I receive a letter from Bruce Rhinehart, Farm Credit Services, saying my proposal was not acceptable.

Dec 1st 98 I receive a letter from Bruce Rhinehart saying: As part of our continuing effort to provide you quality service, your loan will be serviced by the Farm Credit Services in Vincennes, Ind. I have been assigned to work with you and your loan account. I believe that you will find that I have the experience along with the authority to handle most credit decisions on your loan. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions. Now he says I can talk to him.

Dec. 14th 98 I receive a fax from Farm Credit Services saying my proposal is not acceptable but this is: No. 1, Payment of $13,600 on or before December 20th , 1998 and No. 2, Payment of the interest accrual of $550.80 on or before the 1st day of January, 1999, and each month there after until September 1st 1999. If I have very little money there is no way I could pay that..

Also look at dates Dec.14th, the day I received the letter, and Dec 20th, the day I am supposed to pay. I was given 6 days to come up with $13,500.00 an another 10 days to come with $550.80 more, How stupid or these SOB's! How can I raise that much money after Farm Bureau and Monsanto stole every thing I have?

It seems, from the beginning of this, somebody wanted Farm Credit Services to take my home and farm buildings away from me. Especially when you think about the loan officer who got fired 30 minutes after talking to me and saying that he would help me.


Jim Winiger

Phone 812-985-2860, Email

In addition; I sent this information listed below to all of the recipents listed below for "help" Not one of these people would help. Some are private citizens and others a Elected Officials working for us, you and me. When it pertains to money in our world, you can kiss your ass goodby. You will not get help.


Copies of two forgeries and the third insurance report, evidence of the existence of the third forgery.

Letter from the Posey County Prosecutor.

My '93 & '94 financial statements showing the before and after effects of the attack on me by Farm Bureau.

Copy of the Extortion Letter Script-O-Gram----Used by Farm Bureau to extort more than $3,500.00 from my land manager.

Copies of Claim Denial Forms---During his deposition Ron Janes testified that he did not know my claims for damages had been denied. Mr. Janes perjured himself his signature is on them.

My total losses.

Letter of dismissal to my former counsel Mr. Daly.

Pictures of some of the damage.


Evan Bayh: US, Senator, Indiana

Janet Reno: US. Attorney General

Jeff Modisett: Indiana Attorney General---Letter of Response

Ira Glasser: ACLU---We have received your rquest for assistance and we are forwarding your request to your local affiliate.

John Krull: ICLU

Peter Jennings: ABC News

Bill Riales: WEHT-TV

Better Business Bureau---I received a phone call--The Better Business Bureau suggested I send a report to the US Postal Inspector (Mail Fraud of a Financial Institution) which I did and the US Postal Inspector would not Investigate this matter

US Postal Inspector:

Joseph N. Thomas, Attorney at Law

Halderman Farm Management:


I have had an attorney for one group, who is also involved in court action with Farm Bureau in another state, to ask me if I had been threatened. I said, What do your mean? He said has anybody threatened you? I said no. He said, "the Attorney" Be careful. In our case I have no confirmed incidents but I have heard rumors of it.

I have never considered this aspect before but now I have cause for concern. 06/18/99

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If you think about how big Farm Bureau and Monsanto are and all of the wealth they control, the fact that they have supplied false information to the Government and are guilty of Fraud, Forgery and Extortion.

What Next ? "My Death", "My Murder"

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