History of National City Bank Loan

January 24th 92 I signed a revolving business operating loan for $400,000.00

December 11th 92 (just 10 months later) My loan was increased by $100,000.00 to a total of $500,000.00. The bank was very well satisfied with the company performance !

Then comes Farm Bureau and Jim Swinney

On Dec. 1st. 93 Ron Janes, I talked to Mr. Winiger by phone. He is very anxious to settle. He indicated to me that his banker is concerned about this amount of money being out and it hurts his cash flow. Information gathered from Ron Janes, second report to Farm Land Insurance Co. of Bloomington Ill.--Page 2

This information was past onto Jim Swinney by Ron Janes and Jim Swinney used this information to intimidate National City Bank.

On Dec. 7th 93 I received a letter from Jim Swinney saying, We are at this time requesting you to settle your account in full.

On or about Dec. 10th 93 I was called to Chris Melton's office (Senior vice president of National Bank). Chris told me that he had received a phone call from Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Farm Bureau Co-op in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Chris was told that I owed the co-op $58,000.00 for fertilizer and chemicals and the co-op was going to court to collect. ( I had already paid app. $5,000.00 but refused to pay more until the Co-op and I reach an agreement on my claim for damages) I explained to Chris that the co-op caused me a loss of approximately $250,000.00 for the 93 crop and that I had refused to pay them until they made a settlement with me for my crop loss. Chris said Jim your loan is coming up for renewal at the end of this month (Dec.93) and if you have a judgment against you by Farm Bureau Co-op the Bank would take a very dim view of your loan. At this point I had no choice but to pay Farm Bureau so my operating loan would indeed be renewed.

About Dec. 18th 93. Because of the lost of the $250,000.00 I did not have the money to pay my bill at the co-op! I worked out a payment plan with Jim Swinney. First payment on 1/4/94 ($5000.00). Second payment 2/3/94 ($48,832.30) and Third and final payment on 3/10/94

On Dec.20th 93. Jim Swinney wrote Chris Melton a letter to inform him that I had agreed to pay my bill in full on installments and the co-op would not pursue legal action.

Dec. 31st 93 Just one year after my loan was increased to $500,000.00 My loan was canceled and was ordered to PAY IN FULL on or before June 30th 94. There was no reason for this action, on the part of the bank, other than Mr. Swinney,s intimidation of the bank. My financial statements were in excellent condition with sales of $2,200,000.00 but apparently National City Bank was afraid of the consequence to my business after the intimadating attack on my person by Farm Bureau and Monsanto.

All of the information about Jim Swinney's actions from May of 93 until the present indicate that he had predetermined that he was not going to make a settlement.

1999 I have now established a connection between Farm Bureau, Jim Swinney and National City Bank. Click here to view the connection. Look at the fourth photo from the top Jim Swinney and people from the National City Bank are at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the New Bank Office in Mt. Vernon.

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