Posey County Co-op's Stupid Manager - Carl J Redman is the cause of this damage

Kelley- Thomas Farm, Mt. Vernon, In.

These are pictures of 170 acres of soybeans. The loss on this field was app. $24000.00 total or $141.17 per acre. I and the owers of the this farm were denyed settlement for the damages in this picture by Farmland Insurance Co. because of the forged Release of Claims Form.(exhibit 38) This is also the farm that Jim Swinney used an Extortion Letter (script-o-gram) to get the farm manager for Kelley-Thomas Farms, Carl Litten, to write the co-op a check for $3515.00 !

The judge in this case ruled that I cannot show the jury the Forged Documents concerning this field or other fields on which there is damage. Why has the judge protecting Farm Bureau ?


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