Crop Damages For 1993 and 1994

All scale tickets are available that were used in the following results


Blue Corn


Fields U-1 produced 87.3 bushels per acre

Fields U-2 and U-3 produced 17.06 bushels per acre

A difference of 70.24 bushels per acre.

70.24 bushels per acre X 245.9 acres = 17,272.01 bushels lost due to no weed control.

17,272.01 bushels X $14.00 per bushel = $241,808.14 Loss

This Blue Corn was "Contracted" to Pepe's Foods of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for delivery in the fall of 93 through the year of 1994




61.71 bushels average yield per acre on the two tests

43.72 bushels per acre average yield on 170 acres

A loss of 17.99 bushels per acre

17.99 bushels per acre X 170 acres = 3058.30 bushels loss

3058.30 bushels X $7 per bushel (contract price for 94) = $21,408.10 Loss


Blue Corn


Tickets marked field U-1, A10 & A11 are from the clean fields.

These tickets total 6015 bushels harvested from 85 acres for a yield of 70.76 bushels per acre from the clean fields.

The corn harvested from fields U-2 and U-3 (total acres 245.9) was 7810.77 bushels for a yield of 31.76 bushels per acre.

70.76 bushels per acre minus 31.76 bushels per acre from the weedy fields equals a 39 bushels per acre loss in yield per acre.

39 bushels per acre X 245.9 acres of weedy of weedy fields equal a loss of 9590.10 bushels.

Our price for 1994 blue corn was 25 cents per pound or $14.00 per bushel.

$14.00 per bushel X 9590.10 bushels of loss equals $134,261.40.Loss

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