Jim Sweeney--Office and Tour


Taped meeting


Side-A—Counter 454 Jim Sweeney said the best way to make comparison to comparable field.

Side-A---Counter 526-550 Jim Sweeney was in the clean field east of the creek and said that it looks like 2 different fields (compared to the weed fields)

Side-A---Counter 614 This is where we went to the bean field.

Side-A---Counter 684 Jim Sweeney wrote notes----he said he would have his secretary rewrite them.

Side-A---Counter 718 Jim Swinney said that comparison is the best way to solve the problem. Mr. Swinney "I suppose that's about the only way you could do it"

Side -A---Counter 742 Jim Swinney talks about the insurance company.

Side-B---Counter 20 We talk about the breeding and price.

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