Here is a new program, DIAL A FELON.

If you need a person's signature on paper work without that persons permission. Contact these people!

Jim Swinney, Carl Redman and Dee Marshall of Farm Bureau, Jeff Jarrett of Monsanto Chemical Co. St. Louis, Mo. They are experienced !
Jim Swinney 812-838-1457, Carl Redman 812-838-4632, Dee Marshall 812-838-2534, Jeff Jarrett 812-254-9270

Farm Bureau has a $6 Million Reserve

Where did the money come from???

Whose Money Is It ?? ?

No. 1 Dee Marshall testified, "They wanted me to sign so they could say that they had sprayed certain items on this field" (see deposition-Page 13@17+18)
No. 2 Click here to see the list of chemical shortages.
No. 3 Carl Redman said, "We get paid for what we know" (refer to tape of the second meet)
No. 4 Article in the Southwind Sentinel (editor and publisher-Jim Swinney) saying, Posey County Farm Bureau has built up a capital reserve of over $6 Million.

Forging farmers signatures has help Farm Bureau build this $6 million reserve. If the customers of Farm Bureau were aware of how much of the $6 million were actually theirs, they would be horrified. Maybe they would then get their head out of the sand or where ever they have it stuck!!

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