The Note Reads

Carl Litten:

Kelley-Thomas Farm Account.

Mr. Litten; Thank you for your memo of July 22, 1993 concerning above. I spoke with Carl Redman and per that conversation have issued credit memo# 33925. For $420.50 to reduce account.

I hope this is acceptable and per agreement with Monsanto and Mr. Winiger whom I am copying with this memo.


Jim Winiger's comment-------This statement by Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, is a lie. The agreement he is speaking of is the Forger Release of Claims Form. The first time I spoke with Monsanto was 30 days after this note was written. This is the letter Jim Swinney used to extort $3515.00 from the Kelley-Thomas Farm Account and Carl Litten of Halderman Farm Management of Walbash Ind. Halderman Farm Management manages the Kelley-Thomas Farms of Mt. Vernon. I, Jim Winiger, have farmed this land since 1970.

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