Jim Swinney is a Winner

President of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Winner of the Mt. Vernon Kiwanis Community Service Award, Head of the Posey County 4-H Community Center building project.

National City Bank did not want to piss-off the Mt Vernon Chamber of Commerce President, Jim Swinney

Swinney the Swindler Jim Swinney is also the General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op that forged my signature to two Release of Claims Forms. Jim Swinney is the person who forged my signature to a Promissory Note for $53,732.30.(the third forgery) Jim Swinney is the person who through misrepresentation ( Fraud - Letter of Extortion) received in the name of the co-op more than $3500.00 from the Kelley-Thomas Farm Account of the Halderman Farm Management, Walbash In. and their land manager, Carl Litten. Jim Swinney has filed 69 court cases against mostly good intentioned Posey County People from June 30th. 1993.

This Man is a Felon! Guilty of Fraud, Forgery, Extortion, Accessory, Misprision of Felon, Professional Foul, Intentional Wrongdoing and Obstruction of Justice.

Mt. Vernon this is your HERO !!!

Do you really look up to this man?

Do the young people of Mt. Vernon need this man as a Role Model especially your 4-H.

"Character is the foundation of business and the hallmark of Farm Bureau employees" Except in this case, I can name three employee's that should not be there!

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