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Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op
Posey County "Farm Bureau" Cooperative Association, Inc. - Mount Vernon, Indiana    
Home of Liars, Cheats and Thieves who are Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery! of my signature . . . . Jim Winiger >>> Click Here to see some of the Forgeries    
Class C Felony Forgery - punishable by imprisonment for more than one year
All persons who purchase products from this company, especially farmers, producers, should be aware that this company is a group of dishonest individuals, starting from the employees, managers and including the Board of Directors
Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op - Operating d.b.a. of the Posey County LLC

Posey County LLC and POCO, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Posey County "Farm Bureau" Cooperative Association, Inc. -- Farmer-Owned ! This company has Forged numerous signature's of farmers over the years

With Offices in:
Mt. Vernon, IN 817 W. 4th St. 812-838-4468 or 800-276-7157
Poseyville, IN 151 South Lockwood 812-874-2213 or 800-453-8326
Griffin, IN 250 Railroad Street 812-851-5761 or 800-276-7160
Haubstadt, IN 235 State Road 68 R&C Farm Supplies 812-768-6695
St. Wendel, IN 10420 Winery Road 812-963-3391
Boonville, IN 422 Old Degonia Road 812-897-0760
Grayville, IL 2333 Highway 618-375-7728
Evansville, IN 3300 Interstate Drive - Tri State Vet and Pet Supply 812-477-4793 or 800-489-9081
We strive to meet the needs of all our patrons to the best of our abilities. And we are accustomed to Forging Your Signature "at will" to benefit our needs. So ordered by the General Manager, Jim Swinney and it's Board Of Directors. Click here to read the whole story of the Forgeries
Thank you for you interest in Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op. Home of the Liars, Cheaters and Thieves !!!
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